Bethel Woods Center VIP Box & Luxury Suite

Additional Bethel Woods Center For The Arts Info

Bethel Woods Center is a grand music venue located in the suburbs of Bethel, New York. When you visit a concert in this amphitheater, a sense of being one with something grand overwhelms you. It feels as if the worries that bug you are nothing more than specks of dust on the long road of life. You'll agree with our sentiments when you attend a concert in this amphitheater. And when you get a Bethel Woods Center VIP box for your concerts, things just get better.

Bethel Woods Center usually hosts in-demand bands, musicians, and events. The Bethel Woods Center has also been home to the Summerfest. From Indie and Rock to Pop, you can have a taste of every type of music in this amphitheater. And while you're at it, why not have a taste of the delicious snacks that the Bethel Woods Center is famous for. The long lines in the food area may be a bit off-putting, but you'll have to bear with them, or do you?

You may also get an in-seat wait service if you get a Bethel Woods Center VIP box. Instead of waiting in any line, you can ask your attendant to get your favorite snacks for you. But is that where the fun ends in a VIP box? The answer is a big fat no! Because you can also get catering with your Bethel Woods Center VIP box. You get to enjoy the best foods that this incredible amphitheater has to offer.

Another thing that you may experience with this amphitheater is freedom from parking worries. You’ll be shocked when you learn about the number of people who can't find a parking spot. You'll also be surprised to hear that they have to spend hours to find an empty parking spot. If you don't want to be one of those people, a VIP box is your salvation. With your VIP box, you may get access to separate parking privileges.

Some of the additional perks you may get with your VIP box are access to VIP restrooms and a VIP entrance. A VIP entrance can become particularly useful in high-demand concerts because you don't have to wait in line to enter the venue. Additionally, if you get a separate Bethel Woods Center club seat, you may access the VIP club. These seats are separate from the VIP boxes, and their price is different, but they are well worth the cost.

Some of the concerts you can look forward to are from Shawn Colvin, The Who, and other artists. Different events like Halloween parties and Visual shows will also occur here. You can get a VIP box or club seats to these upcoming events right now by heading onto our website.


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Bethel Woods Center VIP box ticket may cost around $100 to $550. The prices change based on the type of event and the box you get. Typically, the box prices for community events are lower than concert ticket prices. The box that you get and the additional perks will also determine your ticket price.





A Bethel Woods Center VIP box can accommodate between 2 to 6 people. Most of the VIP boxes here can accommodate 2, 4, 6, or, in some cases, 8 people. You will have the option to get two tickets to a box of your choice or reserve a whole box.

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