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Finding the perfect spot at Ball Arena to soak in a game or concert can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, given all the choices on offer. However, if you're looking for an experience that combines comfort with a touch of exclusivity—a detail that seems to slip by unnoticed by many—then considering a luxury suite or VIP box might just be your golden ticket.

With 89 plush luxury suites spread out over two levels and decked out with various VIP amenities, these spaces promise an elevated viewing pleasure unlike any other.

Our dive into what makes Ball Arena's premium packages so special is fueled by not only years of firsthand experiences but also an eager exploration into the essence of true luxurious enjoyment within an arena known for its electrifying atmosphere.

Be it heart-pounding basketball games or soul-stirring concerts, we've roamed each nook and cranny of this iconic venue to serve up advice that's as practical as it is thoughtful. If you're ready to step up your event experience to one wrapped in unparalleled comfort, let us guide you through what awaits.

Key Takeaways

  • Ball Arena has 89 luxury suites and VIP boxes that offer a great view and special perks. You get to watch games or concerts with the best seats, enjoy top food, and use VIP parking.
  • The prices for these special spots change depending on what you're going to see. Concerts can cost between $2,000-$12,000 per event. For Colorado Avalanche games, it's about $5,000-$10,500 per game.
  • When you choose a suite or box at Ball Arena, you skip long lines and feel like a star. Plus, there are special areas like theatre boxes for more private viewing and club level access for extra fun perks.


The Luxury Suites & VIP Boxes at Ball Arena

At Ball Arena, our luxury suites and VIP boxes offer an unmatched view and exclusive perks. These spaces are perfect for enjoying big games or concerts in style.

Amenities and features

Ball Arena Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes come loaded with top-notch features. Each suite gets VIP parking passes, making your arrival smooth and stress-free. Inside, you'll find the finest amenities awaiting you.

Premium catering options bring delicious food right to your seat—no need to miss any action searching for snacks.

The Theatre Boxes offer an intimate setting, perfect for small groups wanting a mix of privacy and luxury. They're fully catered, with a wide variety of food choices and access to a full-service bar.

For those looking closer at the Denver Nuggets or Colorado Avalanche games, these seats provide an up-close experience unlike any other. The comfort doesn't end there; luxurious amenities are part of every moment here.

Looking ahead, let's check out what events and performances you can catch from these premium spots.

Upcoming events and performances

We know you're looking for the best way to enjoy events at Ball Arena. Opting for a luxury suite or VIP box means never missing out. Here’s what’s coming up:


  1. Imagine cheering for the Denver Nuggets from the comfort of your own luxury suite. Experience every dunk and three-pointer like a VIP.
  2. Catch the Colorado Avalanche as they hit the ice. In a luxury suite, every goal feels personal.
  3. Sing along with top artists at concerts. With over 250 events yearly, expect big names and memorable performances right in front of you.
  4. Enjoy family shows from a new perspective. Whether it's a circus or an ice skating show, kids and adults alike get a special view.
  5. Theatre boxes offer an exclusive setting for shows and special events—think Broadway in Denver, but more private.
  6. Take advantage of VIP parking options when attending these events. It's all about ease, from arrival to departure.


Every event comes with the promise of comfort, style, and unforgettable experiences in our luxury suites and VIP boxes at Ball Arena.

Booking and pricing information

Transitioning from the excitement of upcoming events and performances at Ball Arena, securing your luxury suite or VIP box involves understanding the booking and pricing information thoroughly. Here's a straightforward breakdown:


Event Type Average Price Range Notes
Concerts & Events $2,000-$12,000 Prices vary by event; additional expenses for amenities.
Colorado Avalanche Games $5,000-$10,500 Per game basis; food, drink, etc., may incur extra costs.
Denver Nuggets Floor Seats $900-$5,000 Pricing fluctuates based on game and seat location.


We ensure you get the best deals, especially for Colorado Avalanche games through LuxuryVIPSuites. Keep in mind, expenses for drinks, food, and other amenities are additional when booking your suite at Ball Arena. This information sets the stage for an unforgettable experience, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Benefits and Experience of a Luxury Suite or VIP Box at Ball Arena

We get VIP access to Ball Arena with our Denver Nuggets luxury suite tickets. This means we skip the long lines and walk right in like stars. Inside, there's a world of comfort waiting for us.

We sit close to the game or show, seeing every move and hearing every sound clear as day.

In our luxury suite or VIP box at Ball Arena, we enjoy premium catering. It's not just snacks; it's top-notch food that makes the experience even better. With 89 luxury suites available, there’s always something special for us.

Plus, theatre boxes give us an all-inclusive setting where we can both watch the event and chat easily.

The club level ups our game with exclusive perks and seating that make us feel like true VIPs. And when we book through Luxury VIP Suites for Colorado Avalanche games, we know we're getting the best deal out there.

Every moment here is designed to make us feel privileged and fully part of the action unfolding below.


Watching a game or show from a Ball Arena Luxury Suite or VIP Box is unmatched. You get plush seats, amazing food, and the best views. Think of it as your private party spot for enjoying big events.

With VIP parking and easy entry, stress stays outside. Perfect for making memories that last forever!


1. What's inside a Ball Arena Luxury Suite?

In a Ball Arena Luxury Suite, you'll find comfy seating, private restrooms, and premium food options. It’s like your cozy living room but with live action right outside!

2. How many people can fit in a VIP Box at Ball Arena?

A VIP Box at Ball Arena can hold different numbers of guests, depending on the size. Usually, it’s perfect for small groups wanting an exclusive experience.

3. Can I buy tickets just for one event in a Luxury Suite or VIP Box?

Yes, you can get tickets for single events in both Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes. Whether it’s a game or concert, you’re set for an unforgettable night.

4. Are food and drinks included when I book these spaces?

Sometimes they are; sometimes not. It depends on the package you choose when booking your Luxury Suite or VIP Box at Ball Arena – always check what’s included!

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