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This theatre is located in the densely populated area of Downtown Phoenix. The venue was created to give performers a more intimate audience, to make their performances more immersive. Naturally, this theatre can accommodate only 5000 people. You can get a regular seat, top-tier seats, or the spectacular Arizona Federal Theatre VIP box. This theatre doesn't have lawn seating options, but do you even need to go for anything else when you have a VIP box on the list.


A VIP box has way too many perks compared to the regular boxes. You get a cozier seat and more room for mobility. If you get a regular seat, you won't be able to move around much. You might not even get a good view of the stage if you get seats at the back of the theatre. However, since all of the VIP boxes are located close to the stage, you get a guaranteed peer-less viewing experience.


The sound that reaches these VIP boxes has the right decibels. It's neither too loud nor too muffled, so you can listen to music for hours if you want. But that isn’t all. With your Arizona Federal Theatre VIP box, you may also get access to some delicious food inside your VIP box; how? Some VIP boxes may come with in-seat attendants. If you want some snacks, you can ask them to get the snacks for you, and you’ll get them without ever leaving your seat.


You may also wholly circumvent parking problems with an Arizona Federal Theatre VIP box. Because with a VIP box, you may get access to VIP parking. Instead of toiling around like the rest of the people, you can park your car and be on your way to your concert in less than 10 minutes. Also, think about the coolness factor here. And coolness factor reminds us of the next perk you may acquire with a VIP box; access to a separate entrance. One more common incentive that you may acquire is access to VIP restrooms.


Additionally, you may also get an Arizona Federal Theatre club seat if you want. These seats are different from the VIP boxes and may give you access to the VIP club. You should get your VIP box and/or club seat booked for upcoming concerts from Maren Morris, Big Time Rush, Alicia Keys, and other talented artists.

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A single Arizona Federal Theatre VIP box seat can cost $200 to $500. The price will vary based on the event date and the box you get. Naturally, the more luxurious your VIP box is, the more it will cost you. Also, for additional perks, you will have to pay a separate price.





An Arizona Federal Theatre VIP box can fit 2 to 12 people. There are around 16 different VIP boxes in Arizona Federal Theatre, and all of them have the same seating capacity. However, during certain events or because of certain circumstances, these capacities can change.

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