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Experiencing an event at the American Airlines Center takes on a whole new level of excitement when you step into one of their luxury suites or VIP boxes. Imagine this: you and your group, which can be as big as 50+ friends or colleagues, are enjoying not just any seat in the house, but a private space filled with comfort and exclusivity.

It's these moments that turn every game or concert into something truly memorable.

We've spent years exploring all the ins and outs of what the American Airlines Center has to offer when it comes to its premium experiences. When it comes to choosing that perfect luxury suite or VIP box, think of us as your go-to guide for unlocking unparalleled views, exclusive amenities, and services so personalized they'll make you feel like royalty.

Are you ready to take your entertainment experiences up a notch?

Key Takeaways

  • American Airlines Center offers luxury suites and VIP boxes for groups up to 50+ people, providing exclusive amenities like private restrooms, multiple TVs, premium catering options, WiFi, and VIP parking for an upgraded event experience.
  • Guests in luxury suites and VIP boxes enjoy prime seating with larger, padded seats and in - seat wait service. They also get access to exclusive clubs and lounges on the Platinum Level for a more comfortable and luxurious event viewing experience.
  • Special services for suite or VIP box guests include a personal attendant and concierge service. Top - notch food can be enjoyed right from your seat thanks to catering by Levy.
  • The center hosts exciting events all year round including Dallas Stars and Mavericks games, concerts by big-name musicians, family-friendly shows, comedy nights, live podcasts, and speaking tours.
  • Booking a suite or VIP box involves choosing your event and group size then contacting American Airlines Center directly for availability. Prices range between $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the event.


Luxury Suite Rental Advantages at American Airlines Center

Renting a luxury suite at American Airlines Center puts you right in the middle of the action with unmatched comfort. You get more than just a great view; it's an all-in-one experience that makes every event feel special.

Exclusive Suite Amenities

Our luxury suites at American Airlines Center come packed with amenities to make every visit unforgettable. Picture having your private restroom, no more missing crucial moments of the game or concert in long lines! Each suite boasts multiple televisions, so you never miss a play, even when grabbing a snack.

And speaking of snacks, we offer premium catering options—imagine enjoying top-notch meals and drinks without ever leaving your seat.

We know staying connected is key; that's why WiFi is included in every suite. Need to post that perfect Instagram shot or fire off a quick email? We've got you covered. Plus, getting here is a breeze with VIP parking passes—no circling for a spot means more time enjoying everything on offer.

And if you're mixing business with pleasure, our suites double as meeting spaces—a win-win for impressing clients and colleagues alike.


Elevate your experience beyond the ordinary with our suite's exclusive perks.


Prime Seating Benefits

We know the value of a great view and comfort. That's why prime seating in the American Airlines Center luxury suite offers VIP access, making every event special. Guests enjoy larger, padded seats that promise extra comfort throughout any game or concert.

Plus, with in-seat wait service for food and drinks, you'll never miss a moment of the action searching for snacks.

Each seat in our VIP boxes brings guests closer to the excitement with unparalleled views of the arena. Imagine sitting so close; you feel part of every play or note. This premium experience extends beyond just seating—access to exclusive clubs and lounges on the Platinum Level adds an extra layer of luxury, turning a simple outing into an unforgettable event.

With these prime seating benefits at American Airlines Center, we provide more than just a seat at an event; we offer an elevated experience designed to impress every guest from start to finish.

Personalized VIP Services

Our team makes sure you get the best care in your luxury suite or VIP box at American Airlines Center. You'll have your own suite attendant and concierge service, ready to help with anything you need during the event.

Want first-class food? No problem. Levy provides top-notch catering right to your seat, making every bite a delight.

Your experience is our priority—every detail, from the moment you arrive until the last goodbye, is crafted for your comfort and enjoyment. Next up, let's talk about the highlight events that make booking a luxury suite or VIP box even more exciting.

Highlight Events at American Airlines Center

At American Airlines Center, the buzz never stops. From jaw-dropping Dallas Stars and Mavericks moments to unforgettable concerts, there's always something drawing crowds to this iconic venue.

Dallas Stars and Mavericks Playoff Highlights

We all love the thrill of playoff games, and our American Airlines Center knows how to take it up a notch. Imagine catching every moment from the comfort of a luxury suite or VIP box. Here’s what makes these games so unforgettable:


  1. Feel the rush as the Dallas Mavericks take to the court, their skills on full display during intense playoff matches. Each game brings fans to their feet, cheering for every basket.
  2. Experience the excitement with the Dallas Stars on ice. Playoff games here mean fast-paced action and heart-stopping moments that keep you glued to your seat.
  3. Our luxury suites offer an unmatched view of these electrifying events, ensuring you catch every play in style and comfort.
  4. Hosting in a VIP box puts you closer to the action, making each goal or basket feel personal and thrilling.
  5. Both teams fight hard to make their city proud during playoffs, creating memorable moments that fans talk about long after.


These highlights are just a glimpse into the adrenaline-pumping experiences awaiting at American Airlines Center playoff games.

Concerts and Show Lineups

The American Airlines Center is the go-to place for top-notch concerts and show lineups. Here, we guide you through the impressive events that light up the stage, promising unforgettable experiences from the comfort of our luxury suites and VIP boxes.


  • Big - name musicians and bands choose this venue for their tours, making it a prime spot for fans. From rock legends to pop sensations, each concert is an electrifying experience.
  • Seasonal shows and special performances are always on the calendar. These include holiday - themed events and unique acts that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Family - friendly options such as ice shows and circus spectacles make frequent appearances. They're perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones in a cozy, private setting.
  • Comedy nights featuring famous comedians bring laughter - filled evenings. Our luxury suites offer the ideal ambiance to enjoy these performances in style.
  • Live podcasts and speaking tours occasionally grace our stage too. These events provide an intimate setting to hear from favorite personalities up close.


Each event at the American Airlines Center offers a blend of excitement and exclusivity, especially when experienced from our luxury suites or VIP boxes. With a lineup that caters to all tastes throughout the year, securing a spot at one of these shows promises more than just a great view—it's about making moments last forever.

Booking Your Luxury Suite or VIP Box

After looking at all the amazing concerts and shows you can catch at American Airlines Center, it's time to think about booking your Luxury Suite or VIP Box. We know you want an unforgettable experience, so here’s how you make that happen.


  1. Decide on the event. Mavericks game? Stars showdown? Or maybe a concert?
  2. Pick your group size. Suites fit 12 to 50+ people for games and up to 22 for concerts.
  3. Set your budget. Expect prices between $3,000 and $10,000 based on what you're watching.
  4. Contact American Airlines Center directly or visit their website. They'll help with availability and pricing.
  5. Ask about suite amenities like VIP parking, club access, and special entrance options.
  6. Confirm your booking early, especially for big games or popular shows – suites sell out fast!
  7. Prepare for an epic night! Enjoy private seating and all the perks that come with being a VIP.


Choosing a Luxury Suite or VIP Box at American Airlines Center means not just a great view but a whole package of exclusive services designed to make your event special.


Choosing the American Airlines Center Luxury Suite or VIP Box means stepping up your game night or concert experience. You get to enjoy top-notch privacy, comfort, and service while catching all the action.

Whether it's for a big client, a special occasion with friends and family, or just treating yourself—this is how to make memories that last. Every event here becomes more than an outing; it's a VIP adventure from start to finish.

So, why wait? Your key to unforgettable moments awaits at the American Airlines Center.


1. What makes the American Airlines Center Luxury Suite special?

The American Airlines Center Luxury Suite offers a unique experience with comfortable seating, great views of events, and exclusive amenities. It's perfect for enjoying games or concerts in style.

2. Can you eat and drink in the VIP Box at American Airlines Center?

Yes, absolutely! The VIP Box comes with premium food and beverage options. You get to enjoy delicious meals and drinks while watching your favorite event.

3. How many people can fit in a Luxury Suite?

Each suite varies in size but generally accommodates 12-20 guests comfortably. It's ideal for groups looking to enjoy an event together.

4. Is parking included with the suite or VIP box tickets?

Often, yes—parking passes may be provided with your luxury suite or VIP box purchase, making your visit hassle-free right from the start.

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