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Amalie Arena Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Embarking on the quest for the ultimate entertainment experience can sometimes feel like a daunting journey. However, Amalie Arena's Luxury Suite and VIP Box offerings transform that elusive peak of enjoyment from a mere possibility into an attainable reality.

These premium options go beyond merely reimagining the act of witnessing live events—they promise an unparalleled fusion of comfort and exclusivity that’s genuinely second to none.

With its 149 luxury suites and coveted club access, Amalie Arena shines as a beacon for those in pursuit of unmatched entertainment experiences in Tampa Bay.

Our team, seasoned by years immersed in the realm of premium seating at venues like Amalie Arena, brings not only expertise but also passion to guide you through this landscape. Our collective journey has allowed us to witness firsthand how transforming event viewing into something extraordinary isn't just about where you sit—it's about how those moments make you feel.

With this rich backdrop of experience as our guide, we're here to show why choosing a luxury suite or VIP box can turn your next outing from simply memorable into truly unforgettable.

Prepare yourself—extraordinary moments await.

Key Takeaways

  • Amalie Arena offers 149 luxury suites and various VIP boxes for an ultimate entertainment experience. Each suite provides a unique view and comes with perks like VIP parking and premium catering.
  • Prices for Tampa Bay Lightning game suites start around $3,000, including 18 tickets and catered food options starting at $250 per ticket. Fans enjoy exclusive access to lounge areas and custom catering.
  • The arena hosts a wide range of events from hockey games to concerts, with luxury options ensuring comfort and style. Suite prices vary depending on the event, offering inclusive services like drinks, snacks, and VIP parking passes.


Amalie Arena Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes

Amalie Arena Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes offer an unmatched view and experience for any event. They come with perks that turn a simple game or concert into a memorable luxury outing.

Types of Suites

We offer a range of suites at Amalie Arena, including Executive Suites, Lofts, Party Suites, and Club Seats. Each option provides a unique VIP experience for guests. Our Executive Suites are perfect for those looking to impress clients or enjoy an evening out with friends in style.

The Lofts give a more open ambiance while still offering the exclusivity you desire. For larger groups, our Party Suites are ideal—they pair added space with luxury amenities. Lastly, Club Seats provide a premium seating experience that combines comfort with fantastic views of the event.

For an all-inclusive feel, we also have Connectwise Loge and All-Inclusive Lofts. These spaces offer top-notch services and ensure every guest feels like a VIP from start to finish.

High-definition video suites and access to the Ashley VIP Lounge elevate the experience even further, setting us apart as Tampa Bay's ultimate destination for luxury entertainment experiences.

Benefits and Amenities

Our Amalie Arena luxury suite and VIP box experiences are top-notch. Every luxury box comes with VIP parking passes—no need to worry about finding a spot. We make sure you get in and out with ease.

Plus, we offer premium catering options. Imagine enjoying your favorite dishes while watching the event. It's all part of the package.

Club Seats give you an ultra-luxurious experience, almost like being a star yourself. Think VIP access and treats that make every visit unforgettable. For Tampa Bay Lightning games, Ashley VIP Seating includes unlimited upscale dining and beverages.

Yes, that means all-inclusive beer, wine, mixed drinks, and soda right at your fingertips—along with concierge service ready to assist whenever needed.

Upcoming Events at Amalie Arena

Amalie Arena always has something exciting going on. From thrilling hockey games with the Tampa Bay Lightning to concerts by world-famous artists and other big events, there's a lot to look forward to.

Each event offers a chance for fans to enjoy amazing sights and sounds, all from the comfort of luxury suites or VIP boxes. And don't forget about the Ashley VIP Lounge, where ticket holders get an even more premium experience.

The calendar is packed with activities that cater to various interests, ensuring that every visit is memorable. Whether it’s cheering for the home team or singing along with favorite musicians, guests are in for top-notch entertainment.

Next up are details on how Tampa Bay Lightning Suites provide an unparalleled viewing experience.

Tampa Bay Lightning Suites

For those aiming to catch a Tampa Bay Lightning game in style, the suites at Amalie Arena offer an unmatched experience. They blend luxury and excitement, providing a perfect spot for both die-hard hockey fans and those seeking premium entertainment.

Lightning Suite Prices and Details

For those wanting to catch Tampa Bay Lightning in style, the suites at Amalie Arena are where it's at. Prices kick off around $3,000 for a match and can hit up to $6,000 when big rivals come to town.

Each suite hands you 18 tickets, so you and your crew can enjoy the game together, in a private area with top-notch views. And let’s not overlook the food – you get to pick what eats and drinks you want, starting at $250 per ticket.

Available amenities don't disappoint either. You're looking at luxury seating with an incredible view of the action, access to exclusive lounge areas for that VIP feel, and custom catering options that ensure no one goes hungry during the game.

It’s all about enjoying hockey in comfort and style.


Experience hockey like never before – in a Tampa Bay Lightning Luxury Suite.


Available Amenities

We make sure guests in our Amalie Arena VIP Box enjoy top-notch amenities. You get VIP parking passes, making arrival and departure smooth. Inside, the luxury doesn't stop; we offer premium catering options.

Imagine savoring an upscale buffet with beer, wine, mixed drinks, and soda—all included for Tampa Bay Lightning suite rentals.

The experience gets even better with exclusive access to places like the Channel Club and Ashley VIP Lounge. These spots provide fantastic views and a concert club vibe during events.

Plus, don't forget about those lightning-throwing Tesla coils and the Budweiser Biergarten—a 11,000 square-foot area offering sweeping city views. Next up: let's talk about what's happening at Amalie Arena soon!


At Amalie Arena, we offer luxury suites and VIP boxes that bring a new level of enjoyment to every event. Our options include 149 luxury suites, glass seating, and exclusive club access—each offering the best spots in the stadium.

Fans can pick from different types of suites to find their perfect match for events or Tampa Bay Lightning games.

For those looking for an all-inclusive experience, our ConnectWise Loge offers private seating with access to an exclusive lounge and upscale food & beverage service. Prices vary from $1999 to $5999 depending on the suite type you choose.

Each luxury suite comes with its perks – including mixed drinks, beer, wine, soda throughout the game or event—and one VIP parking pass for every four full-season tickets bought.

This ensures that your time at Amalie Arena is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Exploring the luxury and VIP options at Amalie Arena changes how we enjoy events. With top-notch amenities, exclusive access, and amazing views, each moment feels special. It's perfect for fans who love extra comfort and style.

Whether it's a game or a concert, these suites make every event unforgettable. So why not treat yourself to an elevated experience next time?


1. What makes Amalie Arena Luxury Suites special?

Amalie Arena Luxury Suites offer private seating, amazing views, and exclusive access to events, making your experience top-notch.

2. Can I order food and drinks in the luxury suite?

Yes, you can order food and drinks right to your suite for a more personalized service.

3. How many people can fit in a luxury suite or VIP box?

Each suite or VIP box varies in size but generally accommodates 12-36 guests comfortably.

4. Is there parking included with my luxury suite or VIP box ticket?

Yes, most tickets come with at least one VIP parking pass, making your arrival smoother.

5. How do I book a luxury suite or VIP box at Amalie Arena?

To book, contact Amalie Arena directly through their website or by phone for availability and pricing details.

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