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Have you ever watched a game on TV, and the camera shifts to one of those luxurious private spaces where only a handful of people are seen enjoying the game? You could be one of those people! Let us tell you; the view is great from up there. You haven't truly experienced pure joy and luxury if you have never attended an event in a SoFi Stadium VIP Box! SoFi Stadium, located in Inglewood, California, is an amazing stadium where games are played and other events such as concerts.


SoFi Stadium is located not so far away from LAX; you can probably get a great view of it during take-off of flights and when close to landing. This stadium used to be a racetrack once but that closed down in 2013. Currently, the stadium comes under the entertainment-rich establishment called Hollywood Park. The establishment also includes the Hollywood Park Casino which is a sports bar and casino in one. Located in a convenient location per the stadium, the bar and casino is a great place to unwind after attending an event.


The stadium was inaugurated in 2020. While it is fairly new, it has gained a lot of traction. The iconic Super Bowl LVI that hosted the iconic halftime show by Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige took place in this stadium. And surely the venue was filled to the brim and sold out. All of the amazing SoFi Stadium suites were also occupied.


SoFi Stadium is an amazing venue, and one of its most distinguishing facts is that this stadium is home to two teams in the National Football League: The Los Angeles Chargers and The Los Angeles Rams. The stadium has been a good home to its tenants as the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl LVI in this very stadium!


It is cool to acknowledge that several celebrities occupied the SoFi Stadium VIP Club seats. Be one of those special people and come to Inglewood to enjoy the SoFi Stadium VIP box with your friends and families!


The SoFi Stadium VIP Box comes with a lot of amenities intact. There are seven different variants of SoFi Stadium Suite, all of which come with catering/food and beverage services but at a cost. Food is important, and a necessity but so are the other perks. For example, all the SoFi Stadium VIP Boxes come with VIP parking privileges and separate VIP entrances.


SoFi Stadium Suite comes in variable sizes, all with common amenities and some with extra distinguished facilities. There are smaller, more affordable options available as well. All of these suites are in distinct locations, each better than the other. This stadium has suites where the seats overlook directly onto the fields, seats are at the edge of the grass. There are suites located above the 200 and 300 level seats as well.

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There is an option to lease the suites for a year for commercial purposes, over a million dollars. If you're looking to rent a SoFi Stadium Suite for a game or event, then the price ranges from $14,000 to $46000. These prices are subjective of change depending on the suite type and the event taking place. These may seem like big sums but divide the cost amongst the people attending, and it seems a lot less.



This also depends on the type of suite you're looking to rent. The smallest suites are the perch suites that allow 8 tickets, and each Stage Suite allows 38 tickets. The Stage Suites can also be joined together to cater to a gathering of a hundred people if need be.

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